Conceived from the needs and desires to bring to our marketplace a bonafide resource of high quality, leading edge style home furnishings and services all approachable and affordable.

Our History

We first launched in Rocky River Ohio during 1986. Our store was located not far from where we operate today, but the surroundings were very different. Beachcliff was a traditional interior mall, and we were one of the focal points. Over time we added a design studio, and continued to improve our space and the space around the store inside the mall.

As the mall began to go through it’s own changes, so did Maison (then Paysage). We added a second store, then another, and then we expanded the original stores. Eventually we even added a warehouse store. After several years of growth the industry and the country went through some consolidations, and we didn’t escape the trend.

Eventually we ended up with two showcase stores, one located on the East side in Cleveland Heights, and the other a bit further away in North Carolina. Warmer weather and family connections saw the closure of the Cleveland Heights store and for a time we were only operating on the East Coast.

But as fate would show, the draw of Cleveland was too much to ignore. And in 2015 Maison was once again back in the CLE just a stones through away from where we started in the now outdoor Beachcliff Mall.

In the fall of 2016 we added SIMPLy Home to the family of stores, located just next door to the Maison showroom. And we’ve grown into our new location rekindling old relationships on the West side and inviting our East side friends and family to join us.


To be the leading, most respected purveyors of home furnishings interior design services and lifestyle.

Proud and blessed
Experience the feeling

Meet The Maison Family
Richard Marquard

Richard Marquard, a native son of Rocky River and die hard fan of all things Cleveland, co-founded Maison by Paysage with his wife Jane in 1985.  His business acumen, dedication to the people of Cleveland and passion for bringing them the very best is the bedrock of what makes Maison by Payasge the special place that it is. If you don’t see him at the store greeting everyone with a smile, he can be found watching his beloved Indians, or perhaps strolling the Metro Parks with his dog Ellie right at his side.

— Jesse Marquard

Kathy Webb
Jane Marquad
Head Designer, Co-Founder

There is something special about Jane Marquard

She has a sophisticated and classical design talent like no other. Her vast experience in mixing and matching the universe of design resources with the individual client’s needs and desires. Her proven track record and extreme client service keeps her driven to getting it right the FIRST time.

I should know. We have been married and life partners for nearly 50 years.

– Richard Marquard

Joe Parisi
Jesse Marquard
Creative Director

Jesse loves all creatures and lives by always putting others first.  A true family man, Jesse’s artistic flair and knowledge of our industry is truly refreshing. A man all love, trust, and dependent on doing the right thing.  Our customers will attest, Jesse is the younger talent in the family and you can alway be confident that he will be doing the right thing and helping them find the perfect solution to satisfy their needs.

—Jane Marquard

Karen Pattee
Client Manager